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Pictures of Hope

With increasing numbers of families facing homelessness in cities across the United States, millions of children are forced to live in unstable and insecure situations. 1 in every 30 children living in the U.S. is homeless. skinnytees has taken action to help make a small difference in some of these children's lives by sponsoring Pictures of Hope in five cities in the last two years to help children realize their dreams through photography. Pictures of Hope is a non-profit organization created by Linda Solomon, with the mission to change the lives of homeless children, by allowing them to express their innermost hopes and letting them know that they are not forgotten. Children are given digital cameras as a gift and taught how to use them and capture their hopes and dreams. These images are then turned into greeting cards that can are sold and all proceeds are given back to the shelter. skinnytees has worked with shelters in Denver, Detroit, Tucson, El Paso and Los Angeles.